Best Couple Poses for Portrait Photography

As a portrait photographer, one of my favourite types of work is couples photography. Here are some tools and tricks I have learned along the way about couple poses.
These photography tips will help you guide your couples in your next portrait photo shoot.

You’ll help them express their love, whether you’re doing wedding photography, engagement pictures, or just a couple photoshoot for your friends.
These are instructions that you can give to the couple throughout the photoshoot. Feel free to show them the reference pictures to help them re-create these poses more accurately.

Be open to experimenting with different poses and adjusting the ones on this list. The more poses you try, the closer you’ll get to having a successful couple photoshoot.

Gently Hold the Other Person’s Face

You can capture a tender moment by asking the couple to hold each other’s faces. They can gently caress each other’s cheeks or just hold their face with both hands. Ask them to look into each other’s eyes while they do this.

This is a great way to create intimacy in your photos. However, you should do this pose when the couple feels comfortable. If you start with this immediately, they might feel a bit awkward.

Hold Hands and Go for a Walk

This can be done at any point during your photoshoot. The classic hand-holding couple pose might be a bit cliché, but it never gets old.

To make your photos more candid, ask the couple to walk in front of you. They should have a specific destination so that you all know how far you should go.

As the couple walks, they might have a conversation, laugh, or point out something around them. This is the perfect time for shooting spontaneous and authentic couple photos.

Hug From Behind

There are different ways to hug a person. Instead of hugging each other directly, the couple can try a hug from behind.

This will let you photograph both of the couple’s faces at once. Because their faces are so close, you can take romantic close-up photos. This is also a great opportunity to capture fun and joyful couple photos.

Lean on Each Other in Front of a Sunset

This is one of the most popular couple poses out there. The couple should lean on each other until their foreheads touch. They can even press their noses together.

The background should be a sunset or a bright source of light. Shoot against the light, making sure the couple is standing right above the light. This will create a beautiful haze.

You can create a silhouette by making the couple stand directly in front of the light. This will cover it and create interesting dark shadows.

Hold Hands and Look in One Direction Together

Looking in one direction symbolises strong values. If the couple looks in the same direction while holding hands, they’ll look like a powerful duo in your photos.

Stretch Your Arm Out and Hold Their Hands

Travel photographer Murad Osmann has made this portrait pose very popular. It’s often used in smartphone photography, but you can easily re-create it in your professional couples photography.

For a pose like this, it’s a good idea to shoot in a picturesque location. Use a small aperture to ensure that the background looks as detailed as possible.

You can also use a zoom lens to create a comfortable distance between the couple and yourself.

Sit on Steps Together

Ask the couple to sit on a set of stairs or steps together. Steps tend to look more beautiful than chairs in couple photos.

This pose will give you the opportunity to show off the couple’s outfits in their full glory. It will also give the couple some time to rest, chat, and comfortably pose for you.