Unique Things to Do in Turkey

From roaming on the white sand beaches to paying a visit to the cultural sites and from shopping in some local markets to taking cruises to many farther destinations, Unique things to do in Turkey have a huge range. Whether it comes to hamman or watching oil wrestling, Turkey offers some of the best locations where you can have fun while enjoying these activities.

Ballooning over Cappadocia

Enjoy the panoramic view of wide settled Turkey while soaring into the sky and enjoying a ride in a hot air balloon. Generally, there are many types of flights which one might choose from. From the deluxe rides to the standard, they offer many options to choose from.

For those looking for solace, they can opt for the deluce one and enjoy the picturesque view of turkey alone from high above. Those who want to have this experience without hurting their pockets, they can go for the standard one, in which they will be accompanied by 16 to 24 people. The duration of flights also haries, you can book a 90 minute or 2 hours flight, depending on your choice.

Explore the Kekova Island

Only accessible by boats, Kekova island is an absolute beauty to behold. Believed to be the home to the ruins of Simena, a partially sunken city of Lycians, this place holds a storybook charm. Having many stories related to it, it is believed that this place has some of its part within the water, reaching where is not possible.

So we would definitely suggest this gem if you not only wish to add to your unique things to do in Turkey list but also to board over the journey of introspection. The tranquility of the waters and the history of the place will definitely give you an experience of stepping into a book but the lazy airs and the welcoming locals make the place rather perfect for a nice little picnic to be enjoyed with your loved ones.

Go Skiing

From lazing around a hammock to spinning your favourite beverage and from skiing in its pristine beaches to watching the sun setting above the horizon, Turkey offers a huge list of activities that can be done around its beaches. Skiing however remains the most adrenaline rushing activity one can experience here.

Enhance your skills while traversing these low as well as high waves and spend a day having fun in the blue waters of many places like Kartepe, Kartalkaya and many more. This water skiing experience will also let you admire the lush marine life as you traverse the waters along the shore.

Camp in the Kackar Mountains

Having an elevation of 3972 metres, a trip to the top of this mountain will be filled with many thrilling experiences. The best way to admire the beauty of this peaceful place is to plan a camping night here and enjoy it in serene surroundings for a while. Filled with numerous seasonal flora and fauna, this peak will let you enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Enjoy the view of the sun settling in the snow clad peaks and the dramatic precipices. A camp night here will surely be filled with some scenic adventures while enjoying a comfy settlement. Having numerous campsites, some of them even along the gushing waterfalls, a trip here will surely be adrenaline rushing.

Soak in Thermal Pools at Pamukkale

Thermal pools are the natural formations made by minerals, which hold water and help it in staying warm. Those who are thinking of just having a relaxing experience and wish to ditch the hustle and bustle of all the unique things to do in turkey.
Head to the big white cotton castle. We assure you , the thermal pools at Pamukkale are an experience just like walking over a cotton castle with hot water gushing away all your stress. One of the best offbeat things to do in Turkey, a dip into these waters will surely let you enjoy a fun filled time while enjoying these natural springs.