I thought it would be fun to make a kid’s craft project, something easy and inexpensive that would make a cute gift for a friend or sweetheart.

I had the fun idea to use some alphabet stamps I recently purchased, to write a message on a heart-shaped gift box, just like that Conversation Heart Candy that is all the rage over at this time of year.

When Emma saw the cute little heart shaped boxes I picked up at my local dollar store, she was smitten and wanted to have a go at making the heart box craft project herself.

So often I take for granted how capable she really is, which is so silly because so many of the projects on this blog can be easily adapted to suit all sorts of skill levels. So rather than make this project myself I’ve handed the reigns over to Emma to show you how it’s done.

A fun Kids Craft Activity!

Kids can make this easy craft with just minimal guidance. The painting is rather fun, and a little messy, so make sure you pop some paper down to protect your surfaces. An art smock may come in handy to keep clothes paint-free.

Get your kids to plan out their messages while the paint dries. A great tip is to help them lay out the letter stamps in the correct order for stamping to help avoid spelling.

We made a little video of Emma making her own Conversation Heart Gift Boxes. I turned out super fun, I hope you enjoy it.

If you prefer written instructions with pictures, keep scrolling down.

You will need:

  • Heart shaped craft papier mache gift box
  • Acrylic paint in your choice of colors
  • Paint brush
  • Alphabet stamp set
  • Red ink stamp pad
  • Paper to protect your work surface

How to Make a Heart Gift Box

1. Paint your box and lid, you may need a couple of coats.

2. Leave to dry.

3. Stamp your message on the lid.

4. Fill with treats and then you’re all done!

You can fill it with treats, small toys or little love notes. Emma will be giving the heart box she made to her cousin Eva.

I think these little heart shaped gift boxes would make pretty wedding or party favors too.

You can customise the message to the occasion, adding the bride’s and groom’s initials on the top would be a fun idea.

What do you think of Emma’s crafty skills.

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Kids can craft their own Day heart gift box to fill with treats for a friends. An easy kids craft using inexpensive dollar store craft supplies.

I found these little heart-shaped boxes at Michaels and thought they would, I teamed up with Deco Art to create this super easy craft project that you can fill the box with a conversation heart or a special Day treat for your kids.